In Year 2054 Humanity’s Reign Is Over

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In Year 2054 Humanity’s Reign Is Over

Postby Urmen » Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:27 am

Suetonius records in his work “The Twelve Caesars” that on 13 October 54 the Roman Emperor Claudius died and on that same day, late in the afternoon a seventeen year old Nero presented himself to the Palace Guard and was acclaimed Emperor of Rome. The reign of the biblical beast 666 had begun. The beginning of Nero’s reign marked the beginning of a divine countdown to the end of humanity’s existence on earth. After two thousand years, on or around 13 October 2054 an unexpected cosmic cataclysm will bring humanity’s reign on earth to an instantaneous end. As a thief in the night the end will come.

A thousand years earlier, in the summer of 1054 A.D. a warning sign appeared in the sky around the same time that the Great Schism took place in the Holy Catholic Church. In July 1054 the old Rome and the new Rome, now named Constantinople split the Church into Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic. These two branches remain separate even to this present day. Failing to recognize God, most of humanity failed to recognize the warning sign. They have blindly continued their journey on the road to destruction even to this present time. :o

The warning sign appeared in the form of a supernova and it remained visible for almost a month even in the daytime. The supernova had exploded about 5500 years earlier around 4500 B.C.E. The light signified a complete and final end to a distant solar system and likely an ontological twin of ours, positioned along an existential axis of cosmic being. All that remains there is a neutron star, a pulsar still broadcasting its warning of impending doom to all other beings along that existential axis of being in space-time.

In approximately five years from now, starting around 2023 A.D. astronomers and astrophysicists will start to observe strange and unexplainable phenomena taking place in deep space. The activity of gravitational waves will begin to increase without explanation. Current understanding and theories will be challenged by these new observations. Distant galaxies will begin to disappear causing the "distant stars to give up their light" as the furthest boundaries of our present universe of matter come into first contact with a twin universe of antimatter. These two universes, one of matter and the other of antimatter are cosmic twins. Separated at the moment of the "BIG BANG" 13.8 billion years ago these twins share almost identical histories even to their complete mutual destruction. :?

Space is not just expanding between gravitationally bound regions of cosmic being, but those gravitationally bound regions are imploding into their own annihilation. The seeds of this destruction were sown at the moment of creation in the "BIG BANG" when an antimatter twin of this universe separated just prior to the beginning of cosmic inflation. Had that separation not occurred there would have been no universe to expand in the first place; nothing would have ever existed. :o

A model for understanding the concept of an existential axis of cosmic being is found in the case of two photons that are correlated with one another at the beginning of their existence and remain entangled over their lifetime such that a subsequent change in the polarity of one results in a complementary and instantaneous change in the polarity of the other even though they have become separated by vast expanses of space-time. The light that reached earth in 1054 announced the first death and the new beginning of an entangled state of being that is us and our history. From that moment in 1054 A.D. humanity had only a thousand years before the existential axis once again would undergo another transformation that extinguishes not only the Sun but the Sum total of all subjective experiences in human history. The mind of every human being born since 1054 A.D. will be erased simultaneously as their individual souls face this extinguishing event in the presence of God. This is the second death that complements the first death 6500 years before. The road to escape this cosmic hell is very narrow and will go untraveled by most but those with insight can lead some to righteousness.


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