Jesus and Anti-Jesus ... Matter & Anti-Matter

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Jesus and Anti-Jesus ... Matter & Anti-Matter

Postby Adam » Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:42 pm

Looking back over 2000 years of human history and considering the current state of affairs in the world today it is obvious that something went very wrong in the minds of humanity 2000 years ago. Human thinking about the nature of God “went completely off the rails” shortly after the beginning of the first century of the Common Era.

What happened 2000 years ago to so befuddle human thinking about God? We need look no further than the death and resurrection of Jesus, the son of Joseph. How did this event result in such a misunderstanding of God?

Quantum mechanics provides an answer. The concept of matter and antimatter lies at the heart of this issue. A negatively charged particle such as an electron has an anti-particle that is identical except that it carries a positive charge. An electron moving forward in time relates to positive energy just as its anti-particle moving backward in time also relates to positive energy.

This is the mechanism that likely underlies the whole death/resurrection scenario. Jesus, like all of us, can be understood as a manifold of entangled waves of quantum action. When he died on the cross the entangled wave of quantum action that describes his lifetime collapsed in space-time at the point correlated with the "now" of his death. However, as an entangled wave of quantum action Jesus consciously experienced this death approximately a year before it happened. He did not experience it simply as a premonition but instead as a conscious event from which he then realized he was now both dead and alive. He had experienced firsthand what Albert Einstein would come to call "a spooky action at a distance". Jesus had undergone within his own quantum wave function a change in existential polarity. He tells his three companions Peter, James, and John not to say anything about it until he has risen from the dead. It was in their combined experience of that moment, that "now"; when their four individual waves of quantum action became entangled that prompted Peter, James, and John to later insist that Jesus was still alive in the Kingdom of God. The real Jesus was more fully alive and living beyond death 2000 years ago in the time of his own life while his anti-Jesus died on the cross. :shock:

It was this dead anti-Jesus that Saul of Tarsus came to believe had appeared to him and continued to reveal to him deep mysteries of the divine realm. Acting in the capacity of an apostle named Paul he presented this dead anti-Jesus as the resurrected Christ and provided the means by which this anti-Jesus came forward in time to this day as an object of worship for the Gentiles. :(

The problem was that this dead anti-Jesus was not the real Jesus that Peter, James, and John experienced. Early problems within the church between Paul and the Jerusalem brothers point to this fact but the underlying analysis of the situation has remained out of view until the present day when quantum mechanics and relativity can provide a means to understand the true nature of Jesus' resurrection and convey its true and profound meaning to all of humanity. :)
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